With 25 years crafting experience and a list of qualifications from hand engraving to 3-dimentional design Jeffrey Taylor is the brain behind Hand-engraver.co.uk. His ideas and natural skill have made him the choice for celebrities like Lennox Lewis and chart success Cisco in the world of hand crafting hand carved jewellery design. Using all materials from Titanium to Lost wax for moulding process Jeffrey has created thousands of beautiful hand crafted hand engraved pieces each one completely unique. Do not hesitate to call for a free quotation on any piece you require.


We reserve the right to requite (upon receiving an item) any estimates given on unseen items such as phone or email quotes.


Wedding band pattern (over hundreds of ornamental patterns) £ 50.00                       
Wedding band pattern and shape edges £ 55.00  
Re-engraved customer faded ring pattern £ 35.00  
Engagement ring shank (top & sides) £ 55.00  
Engagement ring shank (sides) £ 50.00  
Men signet ring pattern £ 20.00  
Cufflinks (full pattern) £ 40.00  
Cufflinks (borders) £ 35.00  
Bangle (full pattern) £100.00  
Copy of signature £ 50.00  
Logo or artwork start from  £ 50.00  
Bright cut castings of model master start from  £ 40.00  
Lost wax model start from  £ 80.00